Enlarge / You’re gonna need a more precise clock to measure those 90 fps frames… (credit: Back to the Future)

Of all the things we expected to come out of the rise of Oculus and the still-burgeoning era of consumer virtual reality, a new fundamental unit of time was not one of them. But that’s just what Oculus and Facebook have rolled out this week in the form of the flick, a new definition that subdivides a single second into precisely 705,600,000 parts.

If you use common time units like the millisecond or nanosecond to measure how long a single frame of video appears on screen, you’re often left with a fractional remainder rather than a clean, whole integer. This can be a problem in programming and visual effects, where rounding and/or floating point representations can lead to slight imprecision or desynchronization over time. Delivering video frames with perfect timing is also pretty important to delivering a comfortable VR experience.

Thus, the idea of a new time unit was hatched in an October 2016 Facebook post by Oculus Story Studio Architect Christopher Horvath, and fleshed out with partners in the following months. The …read more

Source:: Ars Technica

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