Kids are back in school, and Oakland Unified is still putting them at risk of lead exposure. This has to stop now.

Since the school year began, 45 Oakland schools and day care centers have had at least one water tap where lead has been found in the water. That’s a problem because there is no safe level of lead for kids. Even small exposures to lead can permanently damage children’s growth and development, including reduced IQ and higher rates of neurobehavioral issues, including ADHD.

Our kids should never be exposed to any amount of lead, especially at school, a place where they are supposed to learn, grow and thrive.

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While the district has begun to address the worst problems it has found, it has yet to show the kind of commitment it will take to truly protect our kids from this serious health threat.

First, the district still hasn’t committed to test every water tap for lead. If you know you have a problem at some fountains, why wouldn’t you test the water at every one? Trying …read more

Source:: East Bay – Science

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