Blue Box founder Jesse Proudman accepts the Deal of the Year award at the 2016 GeekWire Awards

Seattle entrepreneur Jesse Proudman — who recently quit his job at IBM to launch a new cryptocurrency startup — is sharing more details about the new initiative.

The company is called Strix Leviathan, an ode to the mythological creatures of Strix, the owl that in the words of the startup is “always watching and always listening,” and Leviathan, the sea monster with “eight legs, a big brain.”

The company is venturing into a complex, yet hot area of technology of helping organizations better trade cryptocurrencies. It describes its software platform as a way to combine “order execution and data ingestion engine with artificial intelligence, machine learning and proprietary algorithms to create the optimal environment for automated trading.”

“As the past several weeks have proven, the market value of crypto assets can fluctuate wildly,” said Proudman in a statement. “Cryptocurrency markets lack a way to address this volatility in an automated and algorithmic way. Strix Leviathan has solved that problem.”

Cryptocurrency remains a hot — yet relatively misunderstood — area of the startup world. According to PitchBook, 179 venture capital investors in the U.S. participated …read more

Source:: GeekWire

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