Rovio mighty eagle Peter Vesterbacka

Peter Vesterbacka, the former Rovio executive who left in 2016, has a new project: Trying to build a $15 billion (£10.6 billion) tunnel between his native Finland and Estonia, according to an interview he gave to Motherboard.

Vesterbacka worked as Rovio’s “mighty eagle” and essentially acted as a public advocate and hype man for the company behind the “Angry Birds” mobile game series.

But since leaving Rovio, Vesterbacka has turned his interest to attempting to raise funds for a giant tunnel linking Finland and Estonia.

“I haven’t built tunnels before,” Vesterbacka told Motherboard. Nonetheless, he’s hoping to develop interest for the tunnel in government and private companies to help get it built for 2024. There’s already a tunnel planned to open in 2040, but Vesterbacka wants to build his first.

There’s one other well-known technology executive who recently developed a taste for building giant tunnels: Elon Musk. Musk created a new company named The Boring Company in 2016 and he plans to use it to dig a 6.5 mile tunnel under Los Angeles.

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