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Prime Minister Theresa May will launch an attack on technology companies in a speech to the world’s financial, business, and political leaders at the World Economic Forum on Thursday.
May will single out messaging app Telegram as a “home to criminals and terrorists.”
Telegram has had a problem with ISIS members using the app to communicate.

Prime Minister Theresa May will say in her speech at the World Economic Forum on Thursday that messaging app Telegram is a “home to criminals and terrorists.”

May’s speech in Davos in Switzerland focuses on the need for technology companies to do more to prevent abuse of their platforms. She will single out Telegram specifically as an example of a company that hasn’t co-operated enough with governments.

“Just as these big companies need to step up,” May will say, “so we also need cross-industry responses because smaller platforms can quickly become home to criminals and terrorists.”

“We have seen that happen with Telegram. And we need to see more co-operation from smaller platforms like this. No-one wants to be known as ‘the terrorists’ platform’ or the first-choice app for paedophiles.”

May seems to be referencing previous reports which showed that ISIS members often use Telegram to communicate. The Huffington Post has …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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