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Want to enjoy vinyl wherever you go?

A portable all-in-one turntable has everything you need to play your favorite records all in one convenient suitcase size.

Any longtime vinyl enthusiast will tell you that you have to drop hundreds of dollars on a top of the line hi-fi system to truly appreciate the format, but this simply isn’t the case.

No matter your setup, vinyl records provide an intimate and tactile experience that connect you to your favorite albums in a way that can’t be done with digital formats.

After all, there is nothing like pulling out a fresh LP, finding the groove for you favorite track, and dropping the needle.

Sure, the high fidelity of vinyl audio is best showcased at the upper price range, but there are plenty of low-priced portable turntables that meet the needs of a budding vinyl enthusiast.

They are compact and durable. They have built-in speakers for on the go listening, and a USB connection for ripping audio.

These features also make portable record players a great tool for crate digging at shops or yard sales. But which portable player reigns supreme? It’s honestly hard to tell.

Admittedly, some of the best names in portable record playing are well out of production. …read more

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