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Facebook has been asking users to tell it what they “usually sleep with.”
It’s not clear if the bizarrely intrusive question is discussing sexual preferences or more family-friendly bedtime habits.
It’s part of a new feature that prompts users to share stories about their lives and answer hypothetical questions.

Facebook has been asking some of its users an unusual — and intrusive — question: Who or what are you sleeping with?

The social network is increasingly prompting users to answer questions and finish sentences describing their lives via its new “Did You Know?” feature. Most of these are fairly innocuous queries or fun hypotheticals — “When I don’t like a gift, I…” for example, or “If I could choose to be teleported anywhere or read people’s minds, I’d rather…”

But it’s also asking some of its members to complete a rather more intimate sentence that has left many users baffled: “I usually sleep with…”

There are two very different ways two interpret the prompt. It could be asking users about their sexual partners and sexual preferences, or — far more likely — what their more PG-friendly sleeping habits are. Do they tuck in at night with a teddy bear, for example, or a hot water bottle, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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