There are a lot of different items offered to Call of Duty WW2 players during the special Resistance community event. From cosmetic outfits to new emblems to a whole Division, developer Sledgehammer Games is certainly looking to reward the community. However, the big focus for many players will certainly be the various new weapons offered. From rifles to submachine guns, there is a sizable new arsenal for users to try out. One of the most curious weapons comes in the form of the Combat Knife which is only obtainable during the Resistance event.

Just like all the other weapons, the Combat Knife is tied to a Special Order during the Resistance event. To obtain this weapon go to the Headquarters and then head to the bunker so you can speak with Major Howard. At the very bottom of the Orders screen, you will see one that is colored green with a picture of the Combat Knife in the bottom right corner. This Order will ask the player to finish 25 multiplayer matches to unlock this awesome blade. Keep in mind it doesn’t care if you win or lose the matches, so long as you see them through to the end.

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