It’s not often a major fictional plot twist makes you rethink your relationship with a kitchen appliance.

WARNING: Spoilers for NBC’s drama This Is Us ahead.

But that’s the situation that fans of the critically-acclaimed NBC drama This Is Us found themselves in after Tuesday’s episode, in which the long-anticipated death of a leading character (actor Milo Ventimiglia’s Jack) is hinted to ended up coming at the hands of a faulty slow-cooker, of all things.

Viewers of the show watched in disbelief earlier this week as Ventimiglia’s Jack switched off an outdated (and, importantly, non-branded) slow-cooker only to have the appliance short-circuit and start a fire that destroys the home and kills Jack. While Jack’s eventual death had already been established by the time-jumping series, the cause of his passing had been left up in the air. And let’s just say that most viewers were not suspecting the slow-cooker.

Fans took their surprise to social media, with some even casting further suspicion on Crock-Pot, the appliance brand that is synonymous with slow-cookers for many casual chefs.

My mom just threw our crockpot out #ThisIsUs #SOSIMILAR

— Chelsea Stevens (@ChelseaMS731) January 24, 2018

#ThisIsUs just …read more

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