Good morning from Davos, Switzerland, where the weather has improved considerably and a veritable hit parade of world leaders has taken the stage to promote their agendas.

I promised yesterday to be brief today, and I’d like to share some high-level thoughts from two private working sessions I moderated Wednesday for the World Economic Forum.

The first was a conversation on priorities for global development and technology attended by World Bank President Jim Kim, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, and a bevy of other government ministers and corporate leaders. At the highest level, the powerful group is focused on Internet connectivity, skills attainment and education, promoting entrepreneurship, and public-private collaboration to connect every sentient human to the Internet. That might sound like a bunch of hot air, but the group had some credible ideas that the forum plans to help keep top of mind.

The second was a fascinating and frightening look at the impact of quantum computing that featured incoming HPE chief executive Antonio Neri and some sharp academics. One thought that surfaced was the scary notion that quantum computers will be so powerful that they’ll empower device-born weaponization we can barely fathom today. For a peek at how this might look, …read more

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