Game makers are keen on Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Switch console, according to results published in the Game Developers Conference’s (GDC) State of the Game Industry 2018 report.

While only 5 per cent of the survey’s 4,000 respondents – composed primarily of game industry professionals based in North America and Europe – said that their most recently completed game launched on the Japanese game giant’s latest platform, 12 per cent reported that they are currently working on a Switch game, 15 per cent said that the game they plan to tackle next will be released on Switch, and more than a third of respondents said that they were interested in designing for Switch.

What’s more, of the developers who have already created Switch games most said that the Switch versions of their software have sold as well as or better on Switch than on other consoles. Twenty-eight per cent claim greater than average sales on Switch, while 23 per cent say sales on Switch are comparable to other platforms. Just 16 per cent said that sales of their games on Switch have been less than on other platforms.

As for developers’ perception of how the public feels about Nintendo’s new hardware, nearly half …read more

Source:: Financial Post – Tech

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