Google has released Chrome 64, with new features to prevent cunningly-disguised ads and noises disturbing your browsing.

Chrome’s improved pop-up blocker stops abusive sites from opening new tabs or windows unless you explicitly click a link to do so.

Google’s definition of an abusive site is one that’s deliberately misleading. For example, a site might redirect users without explicit permission, or trick them into interacting with parts of a page. That could include showing messages that look like system errors, or showing ‘close’ icons that don’t work.

If you own a website, you can use Google’s Abusive Experiences Report to see if you’re likely to be affected.

The sound of silence

Chrome 64 also includes a new feature that makes it easy to mute an entire site – not just a specific page.

To silence a site, click the green padlock or information icon to the left of the address bar, choose ‘Site settings’, scroll down to ‘Sound’ and select ‘Block’ from the drop-down menu.

If you don’t see the new features yet, don’t worry – it’ll take a few days for the update to be rolled out to all devices. Alternatively, you can update Chrome manually by re-downloading it.

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