For a limited time, audio company Sonos is offering two of its smart “One” speakers for $350 starting Friday.
Considering how the Sonos One uses Alexa and supports voice controls for Spotify and other streaming services, the One sounds like a better deal than Apple’s HomePod, which supports voice controls only for Apple Music.
Sonos will also be adding Google Assistant and even AirPlay 2 support to the One in 2018, which will let you use Siri through your Apple devices.

Sonos announced on Thursday that for a limited time, it’ll offer two of its smart “One” Alexa-powered speakers for the same price of a single Apple HomePod smart speaker. You can take advantage of this deal starting Friday.

That’s a smart move by Sonos. It means you could get fantastic stereo sound in one room using two Sonos One speakers, or have a Sonos in two different rooms, for $350.

It also means you’ll get to use Amazon’s Alexa smart voice assistant, which has proven to be more capable than Apple’s Siri assistant. With that said, you don’t quite get every Alexa feature with the Sonos One as you do with an Amazon Echo speaker. Still, the important basics are there, …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology

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