SOS is the newest multiplayer indie game that’s starting to sweep through Steam. Set on an island, a group of contestants competes in the ultimate life or death reality show. In order to win, users must forge uneasy alliances and search out hidden relics to extract with. While a lot of the time you’ll spend negotiating or beating mutants to death with a hatchet, sometimes just shooting someone solves all of your issues. However, guns are a rarity in SOS and finding one isn’t as simple as just picking it off the ground.

SOS is still in early access so the information below is subject to change and will be updated if anything alters.

The first and main method for obtaining a gun in SOS is via opening small blue cases scattered throughout the island. Most of these will have a visible lock on the outside so your character cannot open them right away. In order to actually open the lock, you’ll need a lockpick (Pocket Knife icon). These items can be found in cars, backpacks, off other players, or just scattered about the various ruins and bases. To use a lockpick, equip it, move to the lock, and then just …read more

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