Starship robot

Starship Technologies’ food delivery robot looks a lot like what Amazon inventors are proposing as a package delivery robot. (Starship Technologies Photo)

Is a robotic retriever in your future?

Amazon thinks so: In a patent application published today, inventors working for the Seattle-based online retailer lay out a detailed plan for an autonomous ground vehicle that can roll out from someone’s home, pick up a package from a delivery truck and bring it to the right place.

The boxy robot depicted in the 2016 application looks a lot like the delivery robot that Starship Technologies has built for delivering meals on wheels. But the AGV’s intended function is more of a throwback to the 1950s idyll in which the family dog fetches the newspaper and lays it at its master’s slippered feet.

In this case, you may share the beast with your neighbors.

“The AGVs may be owned by individual users and/or may service a group of users in a given area (e.g. in an apartment building, neighborhood, etc.),” inventors Tye Michael Brady and Ethan Zane Evans write. Brady is chief technologist at Amazon Robotics, while Evans is Amazon’s vice president for Twitch Prime, commerce and developer success.

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Source:: GeekWire

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