Monster Hunter World is full of dangerous creatures that want to slash, bite, and tear apart anyone in their path. This can make hunting them quite fatal, especially if you do not have the right armor pieces to give you an advantage. In order to actually start crafting armor, you will need to finish the prologue and the opening mission to unlock access to the Workshop. However, you really won’t be able to start crafting new armor until a little bit later once you get a few quests under your belt.

Crafting Armor

There are various armor sets in Monster Hunter World, many of which are tied to specific creatures that you’ll need to hunt for parts. Most of these will be larger class monsters like Kestodons or Kulu, so these are the beings you’ll want to farm. Once you discover or kill a specific monster it will unlock parts of the set. Each piece will require different parts of the beast along with a certain Bone types that will vary in rarity.

You can see what items are required to forge a specific piece by going to the Workshop and flicking the Forge Equipment tab. From here, select the Armor section and …read more

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