Julia Erickson, a principal dancer for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, gets some practice in at PBT’s studios in the Strip District. (Photo via Aimee DiAndrea)

Julia Erickson has found her calling in Pittsburgh, both as an artist and entrepreneur.

Julia Erickson. (Photo via Nicholas Coppula)

The Seattle native moved to the Steel City in 2001. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, she helped launch a nutrition bar company with her husband and learned about the city’s eagerness to support their fellow citizens.

“It’s definitely one of those cities that has an incredibly strong networking component,” she told GeekWire. “People are very loyal and they want to help others.”

Now Erickson is a principal dancer at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, one of several renowned artistic groups in Pittsburgh.

“There’s space for creativity and self-expression more and more so here,” she said. “People can take risks. It feels like a bit of a petri dish here, which is exciting.”

Continue reading for Erickson’s answers to our questions, and follow along starting next week as we launch our GeekWire HQ2 adventure in Pittsburgh.

What do you love about Pittsburgh and what would you change?

Erickson: I love the rich cultural scene that Pittsburgh provides. We have a theater district …read more

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