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When Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff started his company in 1999, it was little more than four guys and an idea in a one-bedroom San Francisco apartment. The server was stored in a bedroom closet, and one of his co-founders slept on a futon he stored under his desk.

Now, 19-years-later, the company has transformed into a 29,000 person behemoth with more than $10 billion in annual revenue and a market cap of $87 billion.

And while Benioff remains the effusive and boisterous face of Salesforce, he didn’t build the company alone.

These are the 11 people who helped build Salesforce into what it is today —and the people charged with moving it toward an ambitious $22 billion revenue goal in the next four years and beyond.

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Parker Harris, Cofounder and Chief Technology Officer

Parker Harris co-founded Salesforce with Marc Benioff in 1999, and has since masterminded the product and engineering side of the company.

Harris — described by his peers as kind and demure — is considered the voice of reason at Salesforce, and an important counterbalance to Benioff’s impassioned business …read more

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