Every business needs to have an identity, so that customers know and remember what the business is about. The process of creating and communicating this identity is called branding, and it’s key in ensuring a company’s success. Branding your small business is all about creating a recognizable look, and a memorable one, that your customers can identify with.

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But branding can be costly. There’s a lot that goes into it, from designing a logo to marketing, and when you start adding it all up, you can end up with a six-figure number that can have you squirming in your seat. So, how can you brand on a budget? The key is putting in time, where big businesses put in money, and using the tools you already have.

We’ve compiled some different ways you could work towards branding your business, without blowing your budget.

Before you start

Before getting into the specifics of what you can do, make sure you have a clear message you’re sending, and that you know who you’re sending it to. Do your research, and spend some time in figuring out your story, …read more

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