NES Classic Edition

And so it begins… again.

Nintendo announced on Monday that it’ll re-release the NES Classic Edition console starting on June 29. The mini NES Classic will have a limited run, and it’ll be available to buy for $60.

You may remember the NES Classic from 2016, when Nintendo originally released the miniature console. It’s that device that you may have been lucky enough to buy at its original $60 price. Stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart would have NES Classic stock for mere seconds before they were sold out.

We’re expecting a similar situation with the NES Classic re-release. But this time… this time, you’ll be ready.

For now, Nintendo hasn’t announced which stores will host pre-releases and sell the NES Classic. Still, I can at least tell you which stores to look for out for based on whether or not they sold the NES Classic and SNES Classic in the past.

Check out what you can do now to prepare and get the best chance to buy the NES Classic re-release.

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