As the newest intellectual property from the legendary id Software, Rage had a lot to live up to. But while many greatly enjoyed the game, others felt that a lot of its elements leaved quite a bit to be desired, especially compared to more ambitious open world games like Fallout 3.

“For the ten or so hours that it lasts, Rage has a lot of honest, straightforward, amusing action on offer,” wrote critic Jim Sterling. “However, one can’t help but feel that this is little more than a prologue, something id Software put together in order to show the potential of a franchise, rather than realize the potential of a game.”

Indeed, Id Software hoped that Rage would become its own franchise like the revered Doom and Quake, according to Ars Technica. The publication reported that the team had tons of ideas that either didn’t make it into the final game or could be used in a potential sequel.

Hopefully Rage 2 will see the franchise finally realize its full potential.

Rage 2 Release Date

The announcement trailer for Rage 2 appeared on May 14 but we didn’t get a release date. We didn’t even get confirmation on what platforms its …read more

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