For the entire business realm, technology has become a rather indispensable part. When compared to the age-old commercial system, online marketing has become way more popular. We are sure by now that we are living in an era of unprecedented technological growth. For a business owner, it is indeed intimidating to keep up with the rapid advances in the field of science and technology. Before setting up a business, the would-be entrepreneur knows a few areas where he should invest in, like marketing, human resource, insurance coverage (sometimes tpd insurance) and several other aspects.

But with changing times, they also have to include few technological investments into their list. Unless and until a business owner can embrace technology, he will never be able to set ahead of his competitors. So what are technological solutions that a business owner should invest in? Here are few that you should take into account.

#1: Internal platform for chat

Did you know that in an age where the whole world is connected through chat apps, there are still several companies which still depend on email for communications within the company? It has been found out that by using HipChat or Skype as an internal platform for …read more

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