Three of the new features on the online social media and networking service, Facebook, will be coming to India before they roll to the rest of the world. They mostly focus on Facebook’s camera app, which is embedded into the main app.

Voice Posts and access to cloud storage for photos have already started appearing as options on Facebook Camera. The third feature of the ability to archive stories, will roll out in the coming weeks.

Voice Posts (Source: The Verge)

Voice Posts

Having added an option for audio in Facebook Camera, users can now exchange voice messages as ‘Voice Posts’. It’s a boon for people who don’t appreciate typing. More importantly, it oversteps the requirement for written proficiency just for the sake of expressing yourself online. That being said, it also undercuts the need to install a native language keyboard.

Cloud storage (Source: The Verge)

Cloud storage

Not every smartphone comes with a MicroSD card slot and the option to increase storage. That’s why Facebook’s option for users to save images directly into their accounts rather than on their device, will be appealing to some. Even better, Facebook hasn’t announced any storage limits to …read more

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