Ginni Rometty

IBM is absolutely not looking for a new CEO, the company tells Business Insider.
Still, people are talking about a search going on now.
IBM’s current CEO Ginni Rometty is bucking a long-standing tradition at IBM by not retiring at age 60, and her reign has been controversial.
But she seems to be turning the company around and some new employees feel good about the direction, one tells us.

IBM is absolutely not looking for a new CEO, an IBM spokesperson tells Business Insider.

That said, we’ve heard several top executive recruiting firms have been approaching people about throwing their names in the hat, including at least two outsiders and one IBM insider, according to someone knowledgeable of the situation.

Despite these rumblings, IBM spokesman Ed Barbini tells Business Insider that an active CEO search is not happening. “IBM is not looking for a new CEO, and any information to the contrary is absolutely and unequivocally false,” he said.

However, it’s not surprising that people are talking about the search for IBM’s next CEO.

IBM had a long-standing tradition of retiring its CEOs at age 60. Current CEO Ginni Rometty, who is the first woman to hold the job in the company’s 106 years, is 61.

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