The Internet will one day have its very own currency, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey told attendees at the Consensus blockchain conference on Wednesday.

Dorsey, whose comments were earlier reported on by CNET, said he’s positive that the “Internet is going to have a native currency.” And although he couldn’t say for sure what that currency would be, he told attendees that he hoped it would be the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Of course, the Internet currently has no “native currency.” People across the world can use a variety of traditional and digital currencies to pay for goods and services. But Dorsey argues that the Internet will eventually move to a currency standard that every person and company would ostensibly use to facilitate transactions.

“Let’s not wait for it to happen, let’s help it happen,” Dorsey said.

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Actually getting to a currency standard would likely take significant work and time. While Bitcoin is the most well known of cryptocurrencies, there are several others that have strong backing from the Internet community. And it’s nearly a guarantee that other big companies, like Apple, Google, and Amazon might have something …read more

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