The Elder Scrolls VI

The next PlayStation and Xbox consoles are still years away, according to Sony and Microsoft, yet chatter around new consoles has already begun.

Crazier still, several new games announced this week are headed to so-called “next-generation” game consoles. And we’re talking big games, like the long-anticipated followup to “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”:

It’s been nearly five years since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched — it makes sense that new consoles would already be in the works. What’s less normal is major games being announced for that next generation of consoles so early.

Yet, here we are. These are the four surprisingly huge games that are headed to consoles that are still years from launching:

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1. “Starfield”

The team behind blockbusters like “Fallout 4” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” have an entirely new game franchise in the works. “Our first wholly original franchise in 25 years,” studio director Todd Howard said during Bethesda Softworks’ annual briefing at the E3 2018 trade show in Los Angeles last month.

Howard called “Starfield” a “brand new, next-generation, single-player game.”

There’s no release date, or release window — Howard said, “Everyone should be very, very patient,” …read more

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