If you are looking to explore professional photography or need a good quality DSLR camera, consider the best DSLR cameras under Rs 50,000 price range. Fortunately, Canon, Nikon and now Sony do have their best offerings in the price range in India.

These camera companies have some very impressive DSLR cameras under Rs 50,000, with some good bundled kit lens to get you started.

At some point, many of us wish we could take a decent quality picture, with perfect framing and focus. To start off, some of us started clicking photos with phones, and honestly, the rate at which smartphone cameras have improved is quite impressive.

However, nothing beats a dedicated camera when it comes to photography, not even the latest smartphones.

Decent quality DSLR cameras start at around Rs 30,000 mark from companies like Canon and Nikon. For a beginner, these mid-range cameras are good to test waters with.

However, once you move into the enthusiast category, these mid-range DSLRs may not suffice and you may want to look for some high-end options.

You can get several great DSLR cameras under Rs 50,000 in India these days – often, you can score a great deal after discounts and cashbacks. Let’s …read more

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