There has been a lot of excitement leading up to Fortnite’s Season 5 due to the giant rift in the sky and the various objects appearing across the map.

Once of the changes that might have gone under the radar is the removal of the double pump shotgun once again. There are a lot of arguments from both side as to whether the strategy is fair to use but it seems Epic Games has sided with those saying it is overpowered.

If you’ve played Fortnite at all recently you will know how the double pump shotgun strategy has become a major part of the current meta. An earlier patch actually removed the ability to use double pump shotguns from the game but they have since come back in through another update.

The Season 5 patch didn’t remove the ability to double pump altogether but it has made it less important to use. If you do double pump it does appear to be a little bit faster than shooting the same pump shotgun twice but it’s close. A better option might be to lead with the pump shotgun and then switch to an SMG.

This is bad news if you’ve spent all of Season …read more

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