MacBook Pro 2018 vs Surface Book 2

With Apple’s newest MacBook Pro laptops now up for sale, it’s time to see how these new devices stack up against Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 line, perhaps their closest competitors. Both companies have developed very different ideas of what a pro laptop should be, but are nevertheless in a battle for the same crowd.

The MacBook Pros of 2018 may have the advantage now when it comes to pure power, having been released long after Microsoft’s latest laptops, and addressing nearly every disgruntled fan’s concern. However, the Surface Book 2 remains a more complete package for the creative, with a tablet baked into the product, although it is less powerful in most areas.

Which laptop should you buy? That’s become a much more difficult question with these new MacBook Pro models.

First bout: the 15-inch models

Design. Both Apple and Microsoft are the absolute top of their game when it comes to laptop hardware design these days, with the former having the luxury of tweaking its successful formula, while the latter is on a sharp upward curve, having been in the game for far fewer years. Regardless, there are stark similarities and differences alike in both firms’ approach to the pro …read more

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