Pando and Chairman Mom founder Sarah Lacy. (GeekWire Photo/Kaitlyn Wang)

Sarah Lacy, a longtime tech journalist and columnist, knows the things she says can be controversial. Not that it’s stopped her from building two companies, or standing up for what she believes in.

“There’s a reason that every time I raise money, it’s oversubscribed,” Lacy said at a Female Founders Alliance event in Seattle on Wednesday. “It’s because people know I won’t fucking be cowed.”

She continued: “And it’s like, that’s the thing about being polarizing. It really is clarifying. And you’re not going to waste your time, pitching all those people who hate you.”

At the event, Lacy spoke with FFA founder and CEO Leslie Feinzaig about her career, her two companies, and her 2017 book A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug. Lacy, the founder and editor of Silicon Valley news site Pando, has long been a strong but sometimes combative voice in the tech industry.

Lacy is known for standing her ground, including in an ordeal involving Uber and her coverage of the company in 2014. As reported by BuzzFeed at the time, then-Uber senior vice president Emil Michael suggested at a dinner that Uber should hire …read more

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