ipad 2018 deals with pencil

Finding cheap iPad deals in 2018 is a bit easier thanks to the fact that Apple actually makes tablets at more affordable prices. And, over time, we’ve seen even bigger price drops on these new iPads.

We’ve seen discounts on everything, from the 9.7-inch new iPad, the one with Apple Pencil support, to the more powerful iPad Pro with full split-screen capabilities, to the older iPad mini line, from the iPad mini to to the cheapest original iPad mini.

The iPad is your best choice for a tablet. You’re not going to save as much money and remain productive with an Android alternative. The Google ecosystem just isn’t good enough outside of phones, especially compared to an iPad. While Apple has therefore dominated tablets, the many versions finally give us a price break.

So, whether you’re after a deal on a brand new iPad, iPad Pro the iPad Air 2 or even one of the older iPad minis from many years ago, we’ve found the best cheap iPad deals so you don’t have to.

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