In the Steve Jobs era, a sort of sad thing would happen to competitors all the time.

One example, from about 10 years ago, bit Microsoft. The iPod had been a hit for a while when the software colossus of Redmond decided it was time to join the party. The Zune, introduced by Bill Gates at a big kickoff event in September, 2006, matched the iPod almost feature for feature, included song sharing with friends over Wi-Fi, and had one of the earliest music subscription plans dubbed the ZunePass. And it got pretty great reviews; CNET said it was “a very good start” and its future was “a bright one.”

Then Jobs came out with the iPhone and, a few months later, the iPod Touch. (Although he spent a staggering amount of time at that event showing how to turn songs into ringtones.) That killed the Zune’s momentum, and sales never really took off.

Some people like to whine that Apple is not as innovative as it used to be back in the Jobs era, but it sure feels like the competition is about to get Zuned. Apple hasn’t announced its September event yet, but it’s …read more

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