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Waze is launching a new feature called Carpool that will allow drivers to give people a ride for money.
Riders can filter drivers by a range of criteria, including gender, star ratings, or whether they are a coworker.
Waze Carpool charges riders 54 cents per mile.

Google-owned Waze announced on Wednesday that it plans to expand its carpool service to all 50 states, directly competing with ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber.

Starting on Wednesday, the Waze Carpool app will enable users to find rides from Waze drivers that are headed in the same direction, not unlike Lyft Line and Uber Pool, the startups’ respective carpooling features.

Payment for the ride will be handed inside the app. For the rest of October, rides are $2. After that, the cost will be determined on a per-mile basis at 54 cents per mile, Waze said.

One key difference from Uber or Lyft is that Waze Carpool drivers are regular people with day jobs, not professional drivers. Waze will verify people’s workplaces through their email, Waze said.

Waze has already partnered with a bunch of schools and workplaces, including Amazon, to get people to use the feature. Waze Carpool will be available at 50 …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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