Legacy open-backed headphone maker Grado is taking their classic design into the future with the small Brooklyn company’s first pair of wireless headphones.

The GW100s have a familiar look but integrate bluetooth tech and volume controls. They go for $249.

Grado headphones are a favorite of mine, they have a very unique open sound that really resonates and are perfect for home listening. Previous iterations haven’t really thrived as much on the road or in noisy offices because they tend to let a lot of outside noise in and leak a lot of your tunes out. The company says that they’ve redesigned the housings and internals of the GW100s to reduce noise leakage by 60 percent, no famed wooden enclosures on this design either.

Part of what’s great about Grado headphones are their history, we toured the company’s tiny Brooklyn HQ a few years back and took a look at their operations, really cool stuff.

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Source:: TechCrunch


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