Apple Street View Subaru

A new kind of Apple mapping vehicle has been spotted around Los Angeles.
They are white Subaru Impreza wagons with a tower of gear sprouting from the roof and quite different-looking than the previously known Apple Maps vehicles, which were minivans.
These mapping vehicles are also different than the self-driving Lexus SUVs that are in testing in California.
Apple wants to collect all the data needed to operate Apple Maps, instead of licensing it from partners.

Since 2015, Apple has operated a fleet of vans driving streets around the world. Apple publishes a list of where you can spot these vehicles.

These vans are equipped with special sensors and cameras on their roofs, and collect data and images to improve Apple Maps.

Now it appears that Apple has developed a second-generation version of its mapping vehicles — and this time, they’re not vans.

Two different people in the Los Angeles area in recent weeks have sent Business Insider pictures of a new model of Apple Maps car.

The white Subaru Impreza wagons can be identified by two main characteristics: The ones spotted in the LA area are clearly marked as Apple vehicles. And they’ve got a tall beehive-like protrusion extending from the …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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