Robert Monster. (Photo via DigitalTown)

A Seattle startup has inked a deal to host domain registrar services for, the site that was dropped by GoDaddy and other companies in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Gab made headlines after it was revealed that Robert Bowers, the 46-year-old charged with killing 11 people in Pittsburgh last week, used the service — described by The New York Times as “extremist-friendly” — to post anti-Semitic messages.

Others including PayPal and Stripe suspended or canceled Gab’s accounts. But Gab went back online Sunday after it found a new domain provider to replace GoDaddy, which cut ties with the site after the shooting.

That site is Epik, a Seattle-area company run by Robert Monster, who defended the decision in a lengthy blog post titled “Why Epik welcomed” that cites everything from Greek history to Supreme Court rulings.

“To the casual observer, the case of seems like it is something new. It is not. It is history repeating itself,” he wrote. “While there are consequences to actions, there is also the proverbial risk of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. My hope, for all of our sakes, is …read more

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