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Since Dutch scientist Mark Post made the first “lab-grown” hamburger in 2013, a handful of startups have emerged with the goal of making meat without slaughtering animals.
But Post’s burger cost roughly the equivalent of a small house in Denver, or about $330,000.
So when will consumers be able to order a cultured meat burger for a reasonable price?
Three top-notch VCs who’ve backed startups like Memphis Meats shared when they expect to be able to dig into a plate of clean meat. Their timelines might surprise you.

For roughly the price of a small house in Denver, Dutch scientist Mark Post created a real beef burger made without killing any animals.

Post’s $330,000 lab-grown beef burger graced a plate more than five years ago. Since then, a handful of startups have shared their own plans to turn Post’s prototype into an affordable reality. All of them have the same goal in mind: create real meat with the purity of a veggie patty, at a cost that at least some folks will stomach.

But when will anyone besides a handful of journalists and investors get to eat meat without the wasteful, grisly manufacturing processes that characterize modern-day factory farming?

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