A former Microsoft employee has filed a lawsuit against the company, as well as her former manager and an additional unnamed employee, alleging that she was discriminated against based on her gender and marital status and ultimately terminated because of what she called “unfair and even false employment reviews.”

The ex-employee, Sunday Tollefson, spent 18 months at Microsoft as a program manager for the Worldwide Incentive Compensation team within the Marketing & Operations division. The lawsuit names Sudev Muthya, Tollefson’s direct manager when she was there, as a defendant as well as an anonymous individual known as John Doe #1.

Here is the crux of Tollefson’s lawsuit, which was filed in September in King County Superior Court and elevated to federal court this week:

During Tollefson’s tenure at Microsoft, she was constantly berated and belittled by Muthya when her male coworkers were not subjected to such harsh treatment. She was not permitted the same latitude to conduct meetings from home as male employees, she was criticized when, as a single mother, she had to miss work to care for her son when he was ill or had extra-curricular activities, but male employees were not criticized for taking time off for their childrens’ sports …read more

Source:: GeekWire


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