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LinkedIn has become the social network to turn to for Donald Trump supporters who are being kicked off Facebook and Twitter for false and abusive posts, Buzzfeed News reports.
Buzzfeed talked to eight pro-Trump users who say that LinkedIn hasn’t been as quick to heavily censor posts that include Obama birther memes, doctored images of Democrat politicians, and aggressive political rhetoric.
In response, LinkedIn told Business Insider that “while most of our members do not share political content, we do believe that high quality discourse … has a place on our platform.”

Donald Trump supporters who have found their accounts suspended and content flagged on Facebook and Twitter have found a new home for their content to live — LinkedIn.

Buzzfeed News wrote this week on the proliferation of pro-Trump political content shared on the professional networking platform. Buzzfeed interviewed eight LinkedIn users who said they had left Facebook and Twitter, and turned to LinkedIn, where they were actively sharing MAGA memes, misleading messages, and false political claims on LinkedIn.

“Facebook banned me, they hate me. But that’s all good — I started posting on LinkedIn and everybody is following me,” one of the pro-Trump LinkedIn users …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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