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The next rocket mission for SpaceX, called SSO-A, will launch 71 small satellites into orbit at once.
Three satellites belong to HawkEye 360, a startup that aims to “see” radio-wave emissions all over Earth.
HawkEye 360’s software will identify each unique radio signal and use it to track “dark vessels” that may be trying to hide illegal activities.
The company hopes its system will help curb $3 trillion’ worth of illegal fishing, smuggling, drug trafficking, and piracy each year.

SpaceX hopes to fire off its next Falcon 9 rocket mission on November 19. If the launch goes well, Elon Musk’s aerospace company may not only break spaceflight records, but also help fight nefarious behavior on the open ocean.

The goal of SpaceX’s upcoming mission, called SSO-A, is to put 71 satellites into orbit all at once. A company called Spaceflight Industries organized the mission, and it claims this is the largest-ever rideshare mission in US history, as spacecraft from 35 different companies and organizations will fly aboard the rocket.

However, three microwave-oven-size spacecraft on the mission — a cluster called Pathfinder — are particularly worth noting.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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