Stabilitas CEO Greg Wood.

Two former U.S. Army vets who were classmates at West Point and Harvard just raised more cash for their security startup.

Seattle-based Stabilitas reeled in another $1.6 million for its AI-powered threat response software used by security teams at companies such as McDonald’s, TorchStone, Merck, and others.

Stabilitas combines crowdsourced expert knowledge with technology to help alert customers of safety incidents that may affect traveling employees and other assets.

“Stabilitas delivers real-time intelligence for mission-critical operations at global companies, primarily selling to their Security Operations Centers as our market beachhead,” said Greg Adams, CEO and co-founder. “We help them understand events that may impact their most important assets: their people, their supply chain, and their facilities. We have also made inroads in the travel industry, providing pre-travel advice and information to travelers through travel management company partnerships.”

Adams said the company’s secret sauce is using machine learning to aggregate security data quickly and “with more depth than otherwise possible with people alone.”

“This is backed by intelligence analysts coming from the military and national intelligence community, who label and enrich our training data,” he added.

The Stabilitas team. (Stabilitas Photo)

Past military experience helped drive Adams and his co-founder Chris Hurst to …read more

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