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A Facebook AI chief told Wired that he has “huge battles” with Google-owned DeepMind for talent.
Both Facebook and Google tried to buy Deepmind. Google won.
Elon Musk has previously voiced concern about Facebook and Deepmind monopolising AI.

Facebook and Google are slugging it out for artificial intelligence talent.

That’s according to Rob Fergus, who heads up Facebook’s AI division in New York. He told Wired that the company engages in “huge battles” with Google’s London-based AI company DeepMind.

Google acquired DeepMind in 2014 for about £400 million ($600 million at the time), after originally being courted by Facebook as well.

Facebook now has its own AI division, called the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) group. FAIR is spread across multiple US cities, as well as France and Canada.

Wired described Deepmind as FAIR’s biggest rival, and FAIR’s New York chief Rob Fergus said the two companies lock horns for the brightest minds.

“Of course we do fight a lot. We have huge battles with [Google] for the best talent… Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.” he told Wired.

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