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Best TVs for Gaming Buying Guide: Welcome to TechRadar’s round-up of the best 4K TVs for PS4 and Xbox you can buy for any budget in 2018.

Let’s be honest: the more quality time spend on your Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, the more important it is to do it with a quality monitor. Sure, you can hook up your gaming console to any old 720p or 1080p monitor, but any gamer worth their salt will know that a 4K TV makes all the difference.

When the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation consoles first launched, the HD-ready machines had all they needed to show off your games in their best light. Fast forward to 2018, when mid-cycle hardware upgrades have given us consoles capable of outputting both 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) for all your video and gaming needs.

While this is all brilliant news for the quality of our gaming experiences, it puts ever more pressure on your TV to match it the output from your gaming machine. A console can have all the power in the world, but it’s not of much use if it’s attached to a TV that can’t harness …read more

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