After months of stability, suddenly there’s a price war breaking out for mobile phone service. But this time around, it’s just for customers who pay their bills in advance every month, for so-called prepaid service.

In the latest salvo, this week, T-Mobile


cut the price of its unlimited data prepaid plan by $10 to $50 per month. The “limited time offer” has a few of the usual mobile plan caveats, too. Streaming video is degraded to DVD-quality, tethering a laptop or other device is limited to 3G speeds, and overall service can be slowed if a customer uses more than 50 GB in a single month.

The price cut comes as T-Mobile is trying to get regulatory approval to merge with Sprint. Some other players in the prepaid market have said the merger would reduce competition in that arena, but Sprint


and T-Mobile have vowed to continue offering their various, separate prepaid brands.

The move by T-Mobile, the third-largest carrier, also followed recent price cuts by its two larger rivals. By dropping its prepaid unlimited plan to $50, T-Mobile will restore the price advantage it had before AT&T and Verizon cut …read more

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