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As part of Google’s new policies to deal with sexual harassment complaints at the company, CEO Sundar Pichai disclosed new rules for drinking at work.
Google says it will hold managers responsible for discouraging excessive drinking, not just in the office, but at any party or event where employees get together.
Pichai says that alcohol was frequently cited in incidents of reported sexual harassment and that, if things don’t change, he may implement “more onerous actions.”

In response to a recent employee walkout protesting how Google has handled sexual harassment cases, CEO Sundar Pichai released new policies for employees on Thursday.

Some of the new policies were items that the protesting workers had called for, like ending forced arbitration for employees who want to sue over harassment claims. But Google also included a new measure in its new list of policies that may catch some employees by surprise: a crack down on alcohol at work and after hours, at all work-related functions.

The policy says that that leaders who do not take steps to limit drinking at events will be on the hook, citing a statistic that says in 20% of Google’s reported sexual harassment cases, alcohol played a role. …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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