Flu season is underway and if you’ve ever wondered how contagious you are if you keep going to work when you’re sick, some research might make you want to stay home.
Researchers studied how far germs can travel when you sneeze and cough — it’s not just about the biggest droplets of mucus, but also the smaller droplets that stay suspended in the air.
Watch the video above to see your cloud of exhaled air in action and how far those germs can travel to your co-workers.

Following is a transcript of the video.


Are you sick? Don’t you dare sneeze on me!

Do you know how far your germs can travel?

Normally, you hold about half a liter of fluid in your lungs. So when you sneeze, you’re able to spray as much as a water bottle’s worth of mucus into the air around you.

It shoots out of your mouth in the form of moist, germ-infested sheets, traveling at up to to 35 meters per second. That’s fast enough to give you a speeding ticket on a highway. Once that sheet hits the air, it expands, breaking up into snotty strings, then a series of …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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