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Germany’s antitrust regulator is reportedly about to order Facebook to stop collecting certain user data.
The Bundeskartellamt has been investigating Facebook since 2016 and has already expressed concern about the way Facebook collects information on its users via WhatsApp and Instagram.
It’s another warning shot for Facebook, since it marks Germany becoming even more aggressive towards the social network on user privacy.
Germany is the most powerful country in the EU, and its attitudes towards privacy may spread more widely through the bloc.

Facebook’s entire business model is being challenged in Germany, which is reportedly on the verge of imposing strict new rules on what information the social network can and can’t collect.

According to the German tabloid Bild, which is owned by Business Insider’s parent company Axel Springer, Germany’s antitrust regulator is ready to demand that Facebook stop collecting certain data, which may fundamentally alter its business.

The regulator, the Bundeskartellamt, hasn’t publicly confirmed the upcoming ruling. A spokesman told Business Insider that it still plans to release its report in early 2019, but said there was nothing further to add.

In a preliminary ruling issued in December 2017, the Bundeskartellamt did indicate its thinking. The regulator said Facebook was the dominant social network in …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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