A new report alleges that AMD’s next-gen 7nm Navi GPUs won’t emerge until October of this year, which is later than previous speculation that pointed to a summer release.

You may recall that last month, references to Navi graphics cards were uncovered in the source code of macOS, and this underlined previous buzz from the graphics grapevine which was hopeful for a July launch.

That said, going back further to a leaked roadmap from AMD, this suggested that Navi would pitch up in the second half of 2019, so October is still in line with this.

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The October date comes from sources who apparently spoke to French tech site Cowcotland, not the most renowned source of accurate rumors – although it did recently chip in with some interesting info on the availability of the Radeon VII in France. Still, we should take this speculation with a very hefty pinch of the white stuff.

However, it does make some kind of sense, and not just because it ties up with the aforementioned leaked …read more

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