President Donald Trump’s executive order executive order on Monday that is intended to cement U.S. leadership in artificial intelligence technologies lacks specifics about how much the U.S. plans to invest in automation and its effects on American workers.

At a high level, the “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative” is similar to the administration’s previous statements about how the federal government should prioritize spending on AI initiatives, ensure that U.S. workers are trained in computer science, and that guidelines are created to ensure that AI technologies are used ethically and safely.

A crucial detail that appears missing for now, however, is how much money the Trump administration plans to spend on the initiative. Instead, it calls for federal agencies that are already focusing on AI-related research and development to “budget an amount for AI R&D that is appropriate for this prioritization,” according to the executive order.

The White House said more information about the initiative would be revealed over the next six months, according to media reports.

The AI plan notably differs in its lack of financial details from those of other countries that have disclosed their own data crunching initiatives.

In 2017, China said it aims to establish a $150 billion AI industry by 2030, …read more

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