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Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is going to pivot to privacy in a lengthy blog post last week.
But The Sunday Telegraph obtained documents showing one of Zuckerberg’s closest advisers, global affairs boss Nick Clegg, lobbying against new EU privacy laws.
Meeting minutes show Clegg arguing against regulation which would force tech companies to get consent from users before accessing and using data from their private messages.
Clegg said the proposed law would endanger Facebook’s business model.

Mark Zuckerberg set out his big vision last week for a Facebook for focuses on privacy.

“I believe the future of communication will increasingly shift to private, encrypted services where people can be confident what they say to each other stays secure and their messages and content won’t stick around forever,” Zuckerberg wrote of Facebook’s future.

He added later in the blog that he’s aware some users worry “that our services could access their messages and use them for advertising or in other ways they don’t expect.”

But documents obtained by British newspaper the Sunday Telegraph appear to contradict Zuckerberg’s public messaging around Facebook’s new embrace of data protection.

They show Facebook’s global affairs boss Nick Clegg has been lobbying EU politicians to block laws which would give …read more

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